I’m not too familiar with President Lyndon B. Johnson, so I can’t talk about my opinion of him, the way I pray Donald Trump will be impeached. But what I can say is that Woody Harrelson does a fabulous job portraying him, disguised by make-up and glasses with some fowl language on the side.

The movie jumps back and forth a bit, before and after he took John F. Kennedy’s (Jeffrey Donovan) place in Office. At first, JFK chose to make LBJ Vice-President, much to some controversy. LBJ wants JFK to add civil rights laws for equal rights for African-Americans. And after his assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald, LBJ is sworn into Office.

Sorry I couldn’t say some History Channel dialogue, but that’s just how it goes down in the movie. Director Rob Reiner does a solid job, not “JFK” or “Jackie” perfect, but decent enough to add nice performances for myself to like.

The cast also includes Richard Jenkins as Senator Richard Russell, Jr., who argues with LBJ about equal rights in work areas; Michael Stahl-David as JFK’s brother Robert, who is not fond of LBJ’s words or ambitions; Bill Pullman as Senator Ralph Yarborough; and Jennifer Jason Leigh as LBJ’s wife Lady Bird Johnson.

Again, it’s Harrelson who steals the show, mainly because of how good he is at playing the 36th president. He looks almost convincing, and his tone and dialogue brings him to life.


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