I prefer to watch movies in a theater, and so that’s where I chose to watch “Mudbound,” which also has a Netflix release. It’s an entertaining movie about African American and white farmers in Mississippi during the 1940s.

The movie introduces us to a few characters. We meet Laura (Carey Mulligan), a young Virgin, who marries the unromantic Henry McAllen (Jason Clarke). Next, there’s Henry’s younger brother Jamie (Garret Hedlund), whom Laura is more attracted to, and is off fighting during the war. And finally, we meet Hap Jackson (Rob Morgan), an African-American tenant farmer with a family that has worked their asses off on their farm for generations.

Hap’s eldest son Ronsel (Jason Mitchell) has enlisted in the army, and his wife (Mary J. Blige) is in a grieving state, while helping Laura take care of her sick little girls.

When the war finally ends, Ronsel and Jamie meet each other for the first time, and become good friends. Jamie begins to suffer from PTSD, and Ronsel becomes attacked by Jamie and Henry’s racist father (Jonathan Banks).

Directed by Dee Rees, and based on Hilary Jordan’s novel, “Mudbound” is filled with great acting, beautiful scenery, and a struggling conclusion. Mitchell, Hedlund, Mulligan, Morgan, and Banks are all fantastic, and you’re able to read their characters’ personas. I love looking at the Mississippi area when it rains and shines, and I love the muddy location.

There are some irritating moments, and when Ronsel gets attacked by the racist father and his KKK goons, it gets pretty disturbing. Still, “Mudbound” is another drama that represents the racism and PTSD during the 1940s.


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