Darkest Hour


Don’t see “Darkest Hour” for its story. See it for Gary Oldman’s remarkable performance as Winston Churchill. Did I say “remarkable?” I meant Oscar-Worthy. With the right make-up, clothing, and dialogue, he is sure to make everyone’s jaws drop or laugh (depending on his attitude and words).

One of the most iconic figures in British history is Churchill, the cigar-smoking and outspoken Prime Minister, who has a plan to get the soldiers off the Dunkirk beaches. He must have civilian boats sent there. Off course, many say it’s a dangerous idea, especially when there’s a new generation to think about. But he has to words to support his idea.

The cast also consists of Kristen Scott Thomas as Churchill’s wife, who wants him to have a better attitude; Lily James as his typist, whom he grows fond of; and Ben Mendelssohn as King George VI, who he was reluctant of promoting the PM position to, because of his record. Nice cast in an outspoken film.

“Darkest Hour,” directed by Joe Wright, is gripping when Gary Oldman pops up on screen. He is unbelievable as Churchill in every way possible, especially when he appears on a subway with every passenger stunned to meet him, and hearing his words of wisdom. If anything, he should be at least nominated an Oscar.

Not every scene worked for me, but there’s a lot to look forward to in “Darkest Hour.” In fact, with “Dunkirk” and “Mudbound,” this is a fantastic year for WWII movies.


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