Night School

For a comedy to star such talented comics as Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish, it was not just a bad comedy, but a boring one. In fact, it’s so boring, that I was doing all the things a typical underachiever would do: text and daze off. Actually, I was writing my review of this movie on my iPhone, but it’s not what I should do.

Hart stars as Teddy, a successful BBQ salesman, who dropped out of school. He’s an idiot, that’s why. He’s next in line to own the store, and there, he proposes to his girlfriend Lisa (Megalyn Echikunwoke), who doesn’t know about his drop-out. When he opens a champagne bottle, the cork hits a propane tank and obliterates the store. Now, he’s jobless, because he never took his GED exam, because, remember: he dropped out.

So in order to get his GED, he has to attend night school with the no-nonsense Carrie (Haddish) as his teacher and his rival (Taran Killam) as his principal. The other students in his class include a paranoid student (Romany Malco); a convict on Skype (Fat Joe); a waiter Teddy got fired (Al Madrigal); a stupid father named Big Mac (Rob Riggle), who never even heard of McDonalds; a busy mom (Mary Lynn Rajakub); and a girl (Anne Winters), who’s taking this course to get out of juvie.

Teddy tries to sweet talk Carrie to get the easy way out, but she won’t budge. So his only option is for him and the other students to steal the test. But you know Carrie. She’s too smart for his games.

The only funny scene in “Night School” is when Teddy’s car gets towed, and he tells the tower he has a baby in the car. And it did make me giggle when he tries to get the car off by pulling it and then driving backwards.

But as for the rest of humor, I have a couple of questions. Who said it was funny for Killam to hold a bat and hit it on lockers to scare students? Who said it would be a riot for Riggle to fall off the school building and then get vomited on by Malco? And who said it would be funny for Hart to pick arguments in school as a teen or adult? Not me.

Haddish gives a fun performance as the teacher. She isn’t mean-spirited or wasted; and her dialogue proves how flexible she is. It’s a damn shame she has to be in a bad comedy-one of the worst movies of the year. But I suggest you check her out in “Keanu,” “Girls Trip,” or “Uncle Drew,” because those were funnier movies than this.


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