Where’s My Roy Cohn?

The doc about the most hated lawyer by attribute.

I apologize for being a bit delayed with my “Where’s My Roy Cohn?” review. I’ve been busy with some things, including my incredible visits at the New York Film Festival. Now, I found the opportunity to dish on it, and I see why he’s one of the most spiteful figures in American history.

Lawyer Roy Cohn (1927-1986) was without a doubt the one of the worst human beings on this planet. He would do absolutely anything to win his cases-representing mobsters like John Gotti, and building moguls like Donald Trump. Matter of fact, he even taught our current president (way before he became president) how to manipulate others.

The movie also uses his cousins and many journalists to explain their opinions, facts, and relationships with him.

The only reason he was born is because his mother was the ugliest woman in the Bronx, and she married his father on the condition that her family makes him the judge. Ever since his birth, his mother loved him like a rock.

He was born ugly, too, and his personality represented his appearance. He doesn’t look hideous to me, but I acknowledge his behavior and manipulations are.

As a self-loathing Jewish man, he wanted to prove to everyone he wasn’t Jewish. That’s how anti-semantic he was.

And get this: he was also secretly gay. At the time (1940s-50s), homosexuality was deemed immoral, and he did everything he could to hide it; even if it means abusing the ones who come out of the closet. And he also denied the relationship he may of had with Private David Schine.

And he died of AIDS, refusing to admit he was gay and caught the disease.

He, himself, has also been accused of crimes, including a boat fire that kills a young passenger. He may have done it to collect the insurance money, but it wasn’t his boat. Nonetheless, he came out a free man.

Although, the New York State Supreme Court has disbarred him for stealing from his clients. He even signed papers with squiggly lines.

I wasn’t fully involved with the political views, because I don’t have that kind of understanding. Not every American can be political, bare that in mind. But I did my best to acknowledge the true nature inside it all.

“Where’s My Roy Cohn” shows us the hatred towards this infamous lawyer. Some say he’s good, but most people think otherwise. Director Matt Tyrnauer goes deep into his story about why he’s detestable, and how cruel he is to others.

This is a good history lesson for those unfamiliar with his actions. But for those who are familiar with him, you may or may not want to see this doc, depending on your views.


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