This comic book adaptation goes in the paper shredder.

Vin Diesel is one of the top action stars in the entertainment world, but what the Hell was he thinking when he starred in and produced the comic book film version “Bloodshot?” Granted he’s made better movies outside the “Fast & Furious” franchise, but this movie wastes his talents and relies on convoluted writing and bombastic special effects for it to be a hit.

But at least, it’s not the first comic book movie to bomb. Let’s not forget “Venom,” the “Fantastic 4” reboot, “Batman & Robin,” “Catwoman,” “Elektra,” “Howard the Duck,” “Ghost Rider,” and “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.” “Bloodshot” joins the club.

Diesel plays a soldier, who gets murdered with his wife (Talulah Riley) by a terrorist (Toby Kebbell), and wakes up with no memories and his body and blood altered by nanotechnology. To speak in plain English, he’s a deathless super soldier, and that’s not blood; they’re nanobots, or whatever the Hell they’re called.

This organization, run by Dr. Emil Harting (Guy Pearce), resurrects and fixes fallen soldiers, who lost their arms, legs, or lives. But its true colors reveal it to be a terrorist organization with plans for the future. What wouldn’t be a Sci-Fi movie without evil companies? What wouldn’t be one without an enforcer? This one named Jimmy Dalton (Sam Heughan) has updated legs. And what wouldn’t be an evil company without the only good girl? She goes by the name of KT (Eiza Gonzalez), and she’s had it with her boss’ rogue ways.

His memories gets triggered (don’t know how), and tracks down and obliterates his and his wife’s killer; but the big man erases his memories, and has to start the whole orientation process all over again with another altered memory. Then, he tracks down another alleged killer (Johannes Haukur Johannesson), and he ends up fighting against the company. Yada, yada.

There is absolutely nothing special, nothing entertaining, and nothing interesting in “Bloodshot.”

You can start with Diesel going through the motions, and even if he is a producer, he’s basically being toyed around by director David S.F. Wilson and screenplay writers Jeff Wadlow and Eric Heisserer, all of whom rely only on his action charisma, instead of a smart script.

The supporting actors are just as empty. Pearce gives his worst performance since “Lawless,” being the generic evil mastermind. Heughans is flat and empty, and I could not read his character at all. And Lamorne Morris, who was so funny in “Game Night,” plays a British scientist, whose accent sounds so fake, he acts like he’s on amateur hour.

And the plot makes absolutely no sense at all. He’s a soldier, who gets killed, resurrected, neuralyzed, and regains his memories to track down his killer; and the process has to happen again but with a different suspect. I almost thought it was going to be like “Groundhog Day,” until this process happened twice.

If you ask me: I’d like some to please erase my memories of “Bloodshot,” because it’s the first poisonous movie I’ve seen in 2020 and this decade.

 ☠️ Poison for the Mind (0/4)


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