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Can You Ever Forgive Me?

October 23, 2018

In a recent trend, Melissa McCarthy has been finding herself in bad comedies from “The Boss” to “The Happytime Murders,” and I’ve been concerned if her “Bridesmaids” sparkle is gone. But like most comedy stars (Adam Sandler, Robin Williams, Will Ferrell, etc.), McCarthy is given a dramatic role, which allows her to balance her humor… Read More ›

The Hate U Give

I can’t recommend you watch this movie twice, because of how angry it will make you, but you should definitely see “The Hate U Give” for what it does. It once again battles racism during the Trump Era. In fact, this has been a fabulous year in this particular genre. The movie stars young Amandla… Read More ›


For a Marvel movie to be denied an R-rating, “Venom” is a mean-spirited and noisy debacle with unlikable characters, bad special effects, pointless violence, and no plot. It ranks with some of the worst superhero movies in recent memory. The character from the Spider-Verse looks like a black Spider-Man with razor sharp teeth and a… Read More ›

The Old Man & the Gun

According to what I’ve been hearing, Robert Redford says he’s retiring from acting, and “The Old Man & the Gun” is said to be his last role. If that’s so, then this is a great conclusion for him. The movie is based on the true story of Forrest Tucker (1920-2004), a career criminal, who has… Read More ›

The Sisters Brothers

Practically the only Westerns to live up to the classics or, at least, try to be original are Indie films. And “The Sisters Brothers” is an entertaining example. It tickles you in an honest sort of way, and it moves you with the characters feelings and ambitions. The time period is 1850s Oregon. John C…. Read More ›

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