8-Bit Christmas

Like “A Christmas Story,” but with Nintendo. I wasn’t really interested in seeing “8-Bit Christmas,” made for HBO Max, because I felt like it was going to be a tedious version of “A Christmas Story, because the kid in the… Read More ›


The meaning of family is determined in Disney’s colorful delight. Disney’s 60th animated feature “Encanto” is the studio’s fourth feature to have a Latin American spirit after “Saludos Amigos,” “The Three Caballeros,” and “The Emperor’s New Groove.” If you haven’t… Read More ›


Renner and Steinfeld spread some holiday cheer and bow and arrows before the New Year. I was only given a 2-episode sneak preview of Disney+ and Marvel Studios’ new series “Hawkeye,” but I already know I want to see more…. Read More ›

House of Gucci

This miscast Gucci biopic doesn’t have much fashion sense. Ridley Scott’s “House of Gucci” tells the story of how Patrizia Reggiani left her humble beginnings to live the high life of the Gucci fashion industry, and hired a hitman to… Read More ›

Red Notice

The only thing this heist comedy for Netflix steals is your time. “Red Notice” only tickled me twice. In one scene, Dwayne Johnson has to wear a hairnet in a prison kitchen, while his cellmate Ryan Reynolds asks him why… Read More ›


MCU’s weakest entry to date. From “Iron Man” to “The Avengers” to “Guardians of the Galaxy” to “Black Panther,” the MCU has produced one entertaining superhero movie after another. But even this studio has had its weak spots like “Thor:… Read More ›

Army of Thieves

A prequel even Danny Ocean would have enjoyed. “Army of Thieves” is the prequel to Netflix action horror hit from last May called “Army of the Dead,” and it’s also a spin-off on the German safecracker Ludwig Dieter, who was… Read More ›

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