Day Shift

Jamie Foxx is all bark, but this vampire action comedy is no bite. “Day Shift” is a made-for-Netflix vampire action comedy that’s trying to cash in on the success of “Zombieland,” which knew how to survive a zombie apocalypse. This… Read More ›

Emily the Criminal

Aubrey Plaza delivers as an ex-con finding herself with a not so steady job. In a recent tradition of artisan features like “Ingrid Goes West” and “Black Bear,” Aubrey Plaza provides us with another remarkable performance in “Emily the Criminal.”… Read More ›


New faces, weapons, and themes levitate this Predator prequel. “Prey” is the prequel to the “Predator” franchise, which uses a Comanche theme to tell the story of how this iconic creature came to our planet. The setting is in 1719,… Read More ›

Bullet Train

Why can’t NJ Transit be this fast and exciting? Frankly, my dear, “Bullet Train” doesn’t give a damn. It doesn’t give a damn about the violence, it doesn’t give a damn about the language, it doesn’t give a damn about… Read More ›

Thirteen Lives

Don’t play in caves; see this movie. “Thirteen Lives” is director Ron Howard’s best film since “Rush.” It’s a film that keeps us at the edge of our seats, while being emotionally challenged by its reenactment of the 2018 Tham… Read More ›

DC League of Super Pets

Blandish animation gets overpowered by star-studded voices, a few censors, and some good laughs. Dwayne Johnson has been appearing in some pretty crappy movies-some more financially successful than others-like “Baywatch,” “Rampage,” “Hobbs & Shaw,” “Jungle Cruise,” and “Red Notice,” and… Read More ›


Rebecca Hall becomes way overprotective with her daughter over a dark past in overwhelming thriller. “Resurrection” left me with mixed feelings on certain elements, some of which other people may or may not agree with me on. It’s a stalker… Read More ›

The Gray Man

Netflix’s $200 million action flick is one of the year’s worst. “The Gray Man” and “Red Notice” are both among the most expensive films made for Netflix at the budget of $200 million. “Red Notice” had only two laughs and… Read More ›

Girl in the Picture

True crime doc gets more sinister and complex the more you watch it. “Girl in the Picture” is a made-for-Netflix documentary about a 20-year-old woman named Tonya Hughes, who died in what was assumed as a hit-&-run accident. But there’s… Read More ›

Thor: Love & Thunder

Guns n Roses songs, terminal illnesses, and god killers levitate MCU sequel. The key to an entertaining “Thor” sequel in the MCU is to make sure there’s a balance between fun and responsibility. “Thor: The Dark World” was too dull… Read More ›

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