A nice piece of solid superhero entertainment The superhero origin story of “Samaritan” revolves around twin brothers, who are so strong, that they accidentally injure people, up to the point of them being outcasts from society. When people burn down… Read More ›

Day Shift

Jamie Foxx is all bark, but this vampire action comedy is no bite. “Day Shift” is a made-for-Netflix vampire action comedy that’s trying to cash in on the success of “Zombieland,” which knew how to survive a zombie apocalypse. This… Read More ›

Emily the Criminal

Aubrey Plaza delivers as an ex-con finding herself with a not so steady job. In a recent tradition of artisan features like “Ingrid Goes West” and “Black Bear,” Aubrey Plaza provides us with another remarkable performance in “Emily the Criminal.”… Read More ›


New faces, weapons, and themes levitate this Predator prequel. “Prey” is the prequel to the “Predator” franchise, which uses a Comanche theme to tell the story of how this iconic creature came to our planet. The setting is in 1719,… Read More ›

Bullet Train

Why can’t NJ Transit be this fast and exciting? Frankly, my dear, “Bullet Train” doesn’t give a damn. It doesn’t give a damn about the violence, it doesn’t give a damn about the language, it doesn’t give a damn about… Read More ›

Thirteen Lives

Don’t play in caves; see this movie. “Thirteen Lives” is director Ron Howard’s best film since “Rush.” It’s a film that keeps us at the edge of our seats, while being emotionally challenged by its reenactment of the 2018 Tham… Read More ›

DC League of Super Pets

Blandish animation gets overpowered by star-studded voices, a few censors, and some good laughs. Dwayne Johnson has been appearing in some pretty crappy movies-some more financially successful than others-like “Baywatch,” “Rampage,” “Hobbs & Shaw,” “Jungle Cruise,” and “Red Notice,” and… Read More ›


Rebecca Hall becomes way overprotective with her daughter over a dark past in overwhelming thriller. “Resurrection” left me with mixed feelings on certain elements, some of which other people may or may not agree with me on. It’s a stalker… Read More ›

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