Love Wedding Repeat


You’re cordially uninvited to this wedding bomb.

“Love Wedding Repeat” is the directorial debut of Dean Craig, who wrote the strangely entertaining “Death at the Funeral.” A remake of an Italian film called “Plan de table,” this is so strangely deplorable, it doesn’t even feel like Craig was trying to anything original.

Last decade, I saw some crazy weddings in sharper, more original movies like “Wild Tales” and “Ready or Not.” This one wants to be crazy, but it’s really complicated these days to find ensemble comedies that don’t degrade themselves in the process.

We meet the awkward brit Jack (Sam Clafin), who meets an American war journalist Dina (Olivia Munn) in Rome, gets cock-blocked, and reunites with her at his sister Hayley’s (Eleanor Tomlinson) wedding. Clafin and Munn are probably the only sane actors in the movie, because I usually like the chemistry between a beautiful woman and an awkward guy. They both deliver some good moments, but they still fail to take any chances.

We have to see familiar characters in familiar situations, and they’re so bland and lackadaisical, it’s difficult to comprehend their vulnerabilities. There’s always gotta be the maid-of-honor Bryan (Joel Fry from “Yesterday”) who screws up his position, an ex-girlfriend (Freida Pinto) and her self-conscious date (Allan Mustafa), a goofball in a kilt (Tim Key), who tries to get lucky with Dina, and a coke-head stalker named Marc (Jack Farthing), who crashes the wedding.

When Jack has to spike Marc’s drink, a bunch of kids switch the name cards at his table, and Bryan gets the drink and destroys his speech. Marc is still trying to take Hayley from her Roberto (Tiziano Caputo), and the tensions thicken when she accidentally shags Marc. Oh, yeah, we’ve never seen this before. And this was just a vision. An unnecessary vision to say the least. The next vision has Jack getting the drink, and falling asleep at the worst possible times. Exhausting, right?

I’ve got three questions for this movie? Did we need a narrator (Penny Ryder, Judi Dench’s understudy) explaining how things can go if another person drank the wrong beverage and cursing about love at the same time? Did we need all these formulaic characters and their usual lampooning? But more importantly, did we really need to see this mess of a wedding romcom? To answer all of them, no, no, and Hell, no!

Although this is a remake of another film, “Love Wedding Repeat” is basically “Death at a Funeral” in a wedding dress, which drank too much Champagne, and I’m not its designated driver.


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