Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill


Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up Netflix comedy special is breathtaking (as they said on the series)

Jerry Seinfeld, the man who redefined the word “nothing,” has found himself in an hour-long Netflix special called “23 Hours to Kill.” He performs at Beacon Theater in New York City with a lot to talk about, and fans are able to eat up his levity, because we agree with him.

I watched this special with my folks, and we all enjoyed his fearless satire on life and people. Even in his 60s, he still provides the kind of honesty that made him such an iconic legend, and he never misses the mark. 

He contemplates on a variety of elements and topics like buffets, breakfast, iPhones (or “HalfPhone” as he calls it), and New York City. Those things are in the outside world. And he also takes the audience to his inside world. We may or may not approve of this, depending on how he presents the humor, but in this case, my family and I approve. 

And if you don’t approve, you can say “SERENITY NOW!!”

You recall me doing an article complimenting the sitcom “Seinfeld” to honor its 30th anniversary last year? Well, I also wake up to the show on TBS every morning, and I always manage to find a good laugh. And I also managed to find his flexible acting work in the animated film “Bee Movie” and the Chris Rock comedy “Top Five.”

But mostly, I appreciated it for picking the right decade to be aired on-the 90s. Why? Because the political incorrectness would be complicated today, what with its jokes on Saddam Hussein and a kid in a bubble suit (“The Bubble Boy”). And if it was in the 2010s with cellphones, we wouldn’t have hilarious episodes like “The Parking Garage” or “The Dinner Party.”

If you didn’t read that article, well now you know my appreciation for the show.

But back to the “23 Hours to Kill” Netflix special. It looks great with the blue setting, and Jerry Seinfeld looks like he’s getting enough lighting for audiences to see his verbal and physical gimmicks. I saw him in an interview with Colin Quinn a couple of years ago, and I think he looks good in glasses, too.

But anyway, he delivers the goods about the next generation, and he’s not afraid to expose his comedy to the world. Matter of fact, he’s here to stay, even if his classic sitcom is over. At least, his reruns keep the spirit alive. For now “23 Hours to Kill” keeps fans at bay.

Oh, and one more joke from me to you. If I ever meet Bernie Sanders, I’ll tell him I loved his work on “Seinfeld.”


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