Fatal Affair


This Fatal Attraction rip-off is fatal.

Erotic thrillers these days are so commercial, that you ask yourself: why bother seeing them? Or better yet, why bother making them? Is it because we live in the #MeToo era when more women are fighting back? Or it is because some people hated the Michael Douglas/Glenn Close hit “Fatal Attraction” or much, they wanted to make shorter and more current versions of it? I hate to burst your bubble, but “Fatal Attraction” was current at the time in 1987. You people live in different generations.

Let me cut to the chase. They next Netflix movie “Fatal Affair” is so dumb, dim, and dull, that if the Corona virus didn’t shut down most movie theaters, I would be so mad you if you made it a box office hit. It’s just one formulaic situation after another, stuff we’ve seen done better before, and for those of us who did see them before, we think to ourselves: who needs this?

Lawyer Ellie Warren (Nia Long) is married to the FBI agent Marcus (Stephen Bishop), whom she has grown detached from. They move into a new house in San Francisco, while their daughter (Aubrey Cleland) in college, he is recovering from an injury, and her firm is in the middle of a very important case. She reunites with her old college friend David (Omar Epps), who is the firm’s new tech consultant. She was supposed to get drinks with her friend Courtney (Maya Stojan), who bails out at the last minute, so David fills in.

This guy is single as a dollar bill. No wife, no girlfriend, no kids, no nothing. At least that’s what he claims. He even knew Ellie worked at the firm, and wanted to catch up. That’s when they start dancing and making out in the bathroom; and that’s when she decides to go home.

He begins stalking her, texting her, calling her, even turning Courtney against her. The movie also reveals that he’s been taking anger management for his obsessive issues. And there’s an opening scene when his ex-wife (KJ Smith) and her boyfriend (Jason-Shane Scott) both get murdered. We already knew David did it, so that’s a little O.J. Simpson case for you.

Maybe the acting from Long and Epps is decent, but they can do better being left outside to dry. Every other supporting character is so empty, obligatory, generic, and inept, that you don’t even care what happens to them. And the movie is so short, that I can easily tell the filmmakers wanted to make lame excuses, just so it could be longer. This movie wouldn’t be cut out as a mini-series, and even if it did, I wouldn’t bother watching it. What more is there to say about “Fatal Affair?” It sucks, period.


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