The Guilty

The performances shine over these recycled phone calls. You have to know your past in order to know your future: a lesson that everyone should acknowledge. It’s not just apply to history, but also movies. You have to know what… Read More ›

Cry Macho

Clint Eastwood’s latest is not “A Perfect World.” Clint Eastwood has been able to survive the next few generation of filmmaking with such masterpieces as “Million Dollar Baby,” “Gran Torino,” “American Sniper,” and “Sully.” I still have a lot more… Read More ›


Who would win in a fight? The conman, the hitman, or the rookie cop? This year alone, director Joe Carnahan and Frank Grillo have both collaborated on two films: the time warp action thriller “Boss Level” and the Gerard Butler-costarring… Read More ›


James Wan’s latest horror entry scares you without the jumps. As you begin to watch James Wan’s “Malignant,” you start to think it’s going to rip off “Poltergeist” with a TV static, “Rosemary’s Baby” when the main heroine has miscarriages,”… Read More ›

The Card Counter

A high roller of a Paul Schrader masterpiece. When you see the credits with the names Paul Schrader and Martin Scorsese, you know you’re in for a treat. Schrader is the film critic-turned-screenwriter and filmmaker-the same genus who wrote Scorsese’s… Read More ›


Netflix’s 24 Hours to Live thriller misfires. The set-up for “Kate” sounds flimsy. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays an assassin, who gets poisoned and has 24 hours to live, which should give her enough time to find her killer before she… Read More ›

The Gateway

Who would win in a fight? The social worker or the abusive husband? “The Gateway” is a B-movie and a pretty good one at that. Yes, it’s got some corny dialogue and generic moments, but it also has some fresh… Read More ›

Candyman (2021)

This spiritual sequel is both scary and poetic. I met Tony Todd at a virtual photo op, courtesy of Wizard World, and there’s a reason why I was holding a honey jar. Because his character Daniel Robitaille, A.K.A. Candyman, was… Read More ›

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