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January 8, 2019

The key to viewing “Destroyer” is that you don’t need to understand the whole story, but see it as a crime thriller with questions and answers. It took a while for me to understand the past and present mixed together, but I discovered a certain kind of vibe that makes the movie so gripping. Nicole… Read More ›

Bird Box

I’ve been busy this Holiday, so I’m sorry I didn’t have a review for “Bird Box” before. But I’ve finally given in to all the buzz about it, and found it to be quite interesting. Based on Josh Malerman’s post-apocalyptic novel, the movie involves a massive outbreak, which causes people to commit suicide (similar to… Read More ›

Escape Room

When a horror movie gets campy, you know it’s an obvious bad idea to start a sequel. “Escape Room” has an interesting “Saw” minus “Saw” premise (game of life and death without the torture porn) with people solving puzzles in order to escape, but it still somehow has to be the typical thriller with cheesy… Read More ›

Never Look Away

The real art in “Never Look Away” is patience. This German import, which has been entered in the Oscars for the Best Foreign Language nomination, runs for 3 hours, and ergo, it takes its time to help the main character understand his pure artistic talents.  The movie, inspired by the life of German artist Gerhard… Read More ›


The opening shot of “Widows” is mesmerizing. We meet three women with the loves of their lives, who are killed in a police shoot-out, following a robbery gone wrong. This intro splices scenes from their love side to the robbery. And when we see a great opening shot like this, we know it’s gonna be… Read More ›

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