John Wick: Chapter 4

A third sequel that shoots and scores. The “John Wick” franchise keeps getting better and better. When I first saw the original movie in 2014, I’ve never expected it to be this entertaining-the kind that helped revived Keanu Reeves’ career… Read More ›


Not even Willem Dafoe’s entertaining performance can escape this room. The concept of “Inside” has Willem Dafoe as an art thief named Nemo assigned with stealing a wealthy art collector’s valuable paintings, until something goes horribly wrong and he’s locked… Read More ›

Scream VI

Live from New York, it’s Ghostface! “Scream VI,” once again directed by Radio Silence, continues this meta horror franchise where the characters continue to acknowledge they’re in a franchise. And as if that weren’t enough, Ghostface is back to raise… Read More ›

Luther: The Fallen Sun

Not much of a TV to movie transition. From “The X-Files” to “Downton Abbey,” current hit live-action shows can get films, which may seem like extended episodes, but actually keep their fans watching and supporting the transition. The same can’t… Read More ›

Cocaine Bear

The blow necessities of life will come to you. We’ve seen Al Pacino snort cocaine in “Scarface,” we’ve seen the late Ray Liotta snort it in “Goodfellas,” and we’ve even seen Cheech & Chong do it with Pee Wee Herman… Read More ›


Liam Neeson needs to investigate a new agent. Liam Neeson is the next actor to play detective Phillip Marlowe, after Humphrey Bogart, Robert Mitchum, and Elliott Gould, among others. “Marlowe” is also his next movie to bomb so miserably after… Read More ›

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