Boys State


The boys are back in town, and they’re here to support America.

I’m not into much politics, but when I heard the buzz about the documentary “Boys State,” I had to see this for myself, and maybe learn about what the organization represents. This is quite informative, and even if you political junkies already know about the main topic, you should still see it for its courage and love.

Boys State is an organization that helps boys of various cultures and disabilities learn about state government and civil discourse. Texas is where you want to be, because Boys State allows people to get to know one another’s culture without fights or Facebook posts. They’re able to get along.

The movie shows them having the Texas Boys State Governor election between the federalist and the nationalists. We have five candidates, who have their own intentions for winning and helping make America great again.

  • Ben is a bilateral amputee and political junkie, who believes hard work will get him where he wants to be. If he can’t join the military, he would like to join the CIA or FBI. He’s a federalist, who becomes his team’s state chairman.
  • Steven is a Republican, who is learning about politics, and wants to represent those with major issues. He’s the candidate with the most commitment to the United States with his love and passion. He’s a nationalist.
  • Robert doesn’t want to be self-congratulatory or arrogant (although he talks like a jock), and intends to apply to only one college: West Point. He may reign from the election, given Steven’s ambitions for a better nation. He’s a nationalist.
  • Rene intends to have civil rights prisoners tell their stories to the public. He’s a federalist, who becomes his team’s state chairman, and he refuses to let anyone impeach him.
  • Eddy has a voice problem, but believes great countries are run by great leaders. He’s a federalist. We see him later in the movie.

“Boys State” is about boys of different cultures, who wish to learn about America, and do what they can to make it a better nation. For months, among other things besides the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve been dealing with African-Americans getting murdered by cops, shootings, and animated shows like “Big Mouth” and “Central Park” removing white actors from voicing mixed racial characters. Whoever wins these elections should be able to fight against racism. These boys speak from the heart and soul, and thus, they’re human beings and American citizens.

Filmmakers Jesse Moss and Amanda McBane both introduce to boys who refuse to let racism, segregation, and stereotypes bring them down. They don’t choose violence, they chose words to fight for America. “Violence never solves anything,” as people would say, and usually, that’s the case. It’s about doing better in society, and expressing their hearts and souls for their country.

Again, I’m not all that political, but I was able to see the true colors inside these boys-white, black, hispanic, or Italian-and they’re people with big dreams ahead of them. I’m not just reviewing and praising “Boys State,” but I’m also praising how this organization is allowing these boys to make a different and expand their horizons.


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