The informative doc about the FBI threatening to diminish the preacher and his fight against racism.

The documentary “MLK/FBI” focuses on how the FBI tried to expose secrets of Martin Luther King, Jr. to belittle him and strip him of his power and dignity. They need to find evidence of him as a traitor to America and having relationships with various girlfriends, and so forth. That’s why they tapped wires in his home, and that’s why Bill Sullivan-Head of FBI Domestic Intelligence-approved of the eavesdropping by expanding the tapping gear-microphones and bugs.

Director Sam Pollard and writers Benjamine Hedin and Laura Tomaselli all provide the distrust in our country with various political views. As you know, I’m not political, so I can say definably, but I can tell who are the heroes and villains in this world. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a hero for spreading his powerful words of equality in all people, and those who want to diminish him and his words of wisdom are villains.

Stanley Levison, a white Jewish lawyer and public accountant, became an advisor and friend to MLK. The FBI gets dirt about him being involved with communist politics in the 1950s. In fact, he got influence from the Communist Party. MLK and Levison still remained in touch through their mutual friend Clarence Jones.

J. Edgar Hoover has been given a polarized reaction from the public. Those admired him for standing up against communism and politics, while others thought he was evil. But as the head of the FBI, the people knew who he was a symbol of the agency. MLK didn’t want to get into a public spat with him, but that didn’t stop Hoover from calling him “The World’s Most Notorious Liar.”

The more African-Americans were in the country, the more racial and fearful the FBI became about whether them being dangerous or not. A so-called theory that men of that race can rape white women, as if they think they have the power to use them as pieces of meat. Even though MLK never succumbed to that stereotyped, he was still afraid his sex life would be exposed to the public. And the agency’s claim that he laughed at a Baptist minister raping a woman was rejected.

“MLK/FBI” is an informative and important doc that reveals how the FBI was trying to expose one of the most influential men as a bad guy. We all know he was a hero for the black community, and he used his words wisely to open our eyes to what life can be if we get along. It’s all about the mistrust, fears, and risks in our country, and how the results vary. People share their political views of various figures, and it gets dangerous. The movie conveys that in an emotionally complex manner.

If Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn’t murdered in 1968, maybe he could help shape this country of its modern day racism. But at this point, all we can do is listen to his words and acknowledge them with passion and love. How can anyone destroy them? How could anyone make people turn their backs on a man with great motivation? It’s difficult to comprehend the realities around them, and you need to see this doc. Not because I’m recommending it, but because you need to know its history and true colors.

Rating: 3.5 out of 4.

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