Bad Trip

The title speaks for itself.

About five minutes into “Bad Trip” tickled me, and that’s when Eric Andre’s mechanic suit gets sucked off by a vacuum cleaner, and he’s stripped naked. It looks silly the way that scene is handled, and you’re hoping for a good time. Unfortunately, it should have been just a short subject in front of a better comedy, because this one is mean-spirited, reckless, and gross.

“Bad Trip” is a hidden camera comedy in the vein of “Jackass” and it’s spin-off “Bad Grandpa.” In fact, it was produced by Jeff Tremaine, the director of those movies. It has everything you’d expect in a gross-out, raunchy comedy-a gorilla ejaculating on the main protagonist, his buddy having a stinky porta potty fail, an angry woman with the F-bomb on her knuckles, hallucinations, excessive drinking, and violence galore. And the real people have to be the witnesses to those pranks, and I’m watching them with a depressed attitude.

“Bad Grandpa” with Johnny Knoxville (in case you’re confused with the Robert De Niro bomb “Dirty Grandpa”) did the silly antics with an honest and flexible vibe, and that was a guilty pleasure of mine. This one has no likable characters, no heart, and no honesty; just embarrassment all around.

Now, I’ve enjoyed Eric Andre as the voice of the wisecracking demon Luci on Netflix’s hit animated series “Disenchantment,” but he degrades himself here as Chris, a Florida loser, who meets the girl of his dreams-an art gallery curator named Maria (Michaela Conlin)-who is set to host a lavish show in New York City.

So, he begs his weakling buddy, easily named Bud (Lil Rel Howery), to take his violent criminal sister Trina’s (Tiffany Haddish) car to New York to make Maria his girlfriend. I can promise you this isn’t “Planes, Trains,” and Automobiles.” Chris is the one covered in sperm, while Bud is covered in excrements.

One laugh and two smiles aren’t enough to save this movie, which was supposed to come out last year, has accidentally been leaked on Amazon Prime, and then immediately taken off, but has been moved to Netflix.

The whole movie features one obvious situation after the next, and they end up being annoying, hostile, crass, and gross for the wrong reasons. Andre was also the screenplay writer of “Bad Trip,” and he creates nothing inspiring for himself or the otherwise very funny Howery and Haddish.

It sounds weird and creepy for a guy to travel cross country to find his dream girl, and she definitely feels the same way. Her reaction is so obvious, it’s not even close to funny. But when Trina crashes her car into her art show, the results are even worse. Like I want to cover my ears worse.

We’re in a new age when raunchy comedies have to solve their problems with screaming and cursing. It was hurtful in such films as “Tag,” “The Happytime Murders,” “Coffee & Kareem,” and “Baywatch,” and it’s insulting to the targeted audience in “Bad Trip.” Why can’t they be smart and original like “Animal House,” “There’s Something About Mary,” “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle,” “Superbad,” “The Hangover,” or “This is the End?”

Being a hidden camera comedy, I was expecting someone to say: “Are you Tiffany Haddish?,” and I already knew the actors would assure the bystanders that everything was just an act. Even the man in the gorilla suit promises them he didn’t really violate Andre. I feel violated watching this mess.

Rating: 1 out of 4.

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