Lucy and Desi

Another fabulous movie about a fabulous couple in their fame and hardships.

Amy Poehler makes her documentary directorial debut on “Lucy and Desi,” which focuses on the acting legends and famous couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Aaron Sorkin’s take on them in “Being the Ricardos” gave Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem phenomenal performances in the ways they bring out the best and worst of these celebrities. This doc is just as entertaining and passionate about the nostalgia and history behind them. And both of them are released by Amazon Studios for Prime Video.

Lucie Arnaz (daughter of Lucy and Desi), Carol Burnett, Bette Midler, Charo, and Norman Lear are among the interviewees to express their aspects on Lucy and Desi, while archival recordings of the deceased celebrities and their family and collaborators are provided.

Lucy came from a working family, and took on her mother’s trait as authoritative. She was also showgirl, until she decided to become a model, which was more ideal. She also had movies and radio shows, which made her more outspoken, but she also had to deal with mansplaining.

He was a Cuban musician like no other. The king of the rumba beat, to be exact. He’s been performing on stage and fighting in World War II. His happy childhood was threatened by the Cuban Revolution, when he was 14. This forced him to be a refugee, and he could never accept his new American life.

When they first met and married, Desi was mostly away for his music career. But eventually, he invited her on tour, and thus, their names became popular. In fact, their lives and romance inspired “I Love Lucy,” the story of a man who needed a break from show business, and a woman who wanted to get in.

Lucille proved to everyone that woman can be funny like men, and they can strong-willed as well. However, when she was pregnant for the second time, there was controversy about her being pregnant on a TV series. However, reruns were invented for the hiatus of her birth, and that has been really beneficial for many shows.

The Un-Americans Activities Committee has started a witch-hunt for celebrities, who may or may not be communists. And Lucile Ball was no exception, but Desi was able to prove to them that she was innocent.

They also bought the RKO company, and turned into Desilu Studios. However, the show had ran its course, and Lucille and Desi divorced. And even if they did collaborate well on “The Lucy Show,” in which he was a producer on, he resorted to drinking.

“Lucy and Desi” provides fans with almost everything they know or need to know about these two celebrities and their worlds. It deals with their family lives, their own turmoils, and how each of them reside in the new worlds they find themselves in. Lucille was fearless in those days, and was willing to prove her levity and spirit, while Desi couldn’t accept his new American life, and yet, thrive on his entertainment world.

Amy Poehler, whose last directorial position was “Moxie,” really examines the comedians and relatives, and how Lucy and Desi influenced them. Television shows have transcended over the course of time, and while I don’t watch much shows, I’m still fascinated by how they’re told through documentaries. Like “Being the Ricardos,” “Lucy and Desi” is something for the fans.

Rating: 3.5 out of 4.

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