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  • Inside

    Not even Willem Dafoe’s entertaining performance can escape this room. The concept of “Inside” has Willem Dafoe as an art thief named Nemo assigned with stealing a wealthy art collector’s valuable paintings, until something goes horribly wrong and he’s locked… Read More ›

  • Shazam: Fury of the Gods

    This sequel lacks the laughs and superpowers of the original. It’s amazing to me that despite the fact that Billy Batson can switch back and forth from a human teen to an adult superhero by saying the words “Shazam,” he… Read More ›

  • Boston Strangler

    We need a good story for the papers. The second film version about the Boston Strangler comes to Hulu this week under the name “Boston Strangler.” What else? The killer has murdered 13 women in Boston between 1962 and 1964,… Read More ›

  • Rodeo

    Look at these fast bikes and this tough rider. In “Rodeo,” the latest French import, Julia (Julie Ledru) is troubled and independent Caribbean biker, who has a talent for stealing used motorbikes from online sellers by making them hold her… Read More ›

  • 95th Academy Awards

    My favorite film of 2022 wins not Everything, but a whole lot to the extent. A lot has happened this year at the Oscars without any slaps, of course. Jimmy Kimmel has hosted the show for the third time in… Read More ›

  • Scream VI, Champions, 65, and Chang Can Dunk Video Reviews

    CJ’s videos feature killers, basketball, and dinosaurs. This week’s video reviews consist of the sequel “Scream VI” with Melissa Barrera and Courtney Cox, the sports comedy “Champions” with Woody Harrelson and Ernie Hudson, the Sci-Fi thriller “65” with Adam Driver… Read More ›

  • Scream VI, Champions, and 65 Podcast Reviews

    CJ reviews movies about serial killers, disabled athletes, and dinosaurs on the air. I’ve joined a radio station known as NewHD, which will not only hire people on the Autism spectrum, but will also have me doing podcast movie reviews… Read More ›

  • Chang Can Dunk

    This Disney+ movie shoots some hoop dreams “Chang Can Dunk” is another entertaining underdog basketball movie to come out this weekend, after “Champions.” That one starred Woody Harrelson as a drunken coach who trains a group of disabled young adults… Read More ›

  • 65

    A real dino-sized mess from two of the geniuses behind “A Quiet Place” I hope you don’t forget to bring your I.D. for “Scream VI” or at least take your friend’s advice on “Creed III,” because “65” is one of… Read More ›

  • Champions

    A funny, good-hearted comedy that loves these disabled basketball players. I’ve had my concerns with how “Champions” would play out. Would it offend people of intellectual disabilities? Or would it teach some people a thing or two? The answer is… Read More ›

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