Frozen 2

It’s almost as dazzling, magical, and delightful as the first. Don’t Let it Go. The original “Frozen” made my list of the Best Films of 2013, because of how it relates to the Disney 90s renaissance with “The Little Mermaid”… Read More ›

Green Eggs & Ham

Complete with comedy, messages, and a dangerous plot, you’ll enjoy this Netflix Dr. Seuss series a lot. We’ll begin this review with rhyming, and end it on a serious note. I’m a film critic, don’t you know, but when I… Read More ›


This Yeti is actually pretty cool, but too much comedy steals the show. I was cynical about “Abominable,” the latest feature from Dreamworks Animation, because of how the trailers often portray it as a goofy flick made for younger audiences…. Read More ›

The Lion King (2019)

The voices and visuals work, but this remake doesn’t laugh in the face of danger. I sympathize the opinion of Disney remakes being such cash grabs, and this year alone, “Dumbo,” “Aladdin,” and “The Lion King” have all received mixed… Read More ›

Toy Story 4

With an adventure so playful and a heart so big and plushy, this fourth outing has a Friend in Me. “Toy Story” is probably the greatest animated franchise of all time. Ever since 1995, when it became the first fully… Read More ›

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