Close Enough

J.G. Quintel’s new animated series matures quickly and ambitiously. Animator J.G. Quintel was known for his hit Cartoon Network show “Regular Show,” which provided a 80s-90s nostalgia, delivered adult humor, and energetic fantasies. I’ll never forget a gag, when two… Read More ›


It would have been good if it wasn’t for those Meddling Kids. Most of us fans hated the live-action “Scooby Doo” movies from two decades ago, because of how they made the Hanna-Barbara dog a CGI monster, and for tainting… Read More ›

Solar Opposites

Hulu series does for aliens what “Rick & Morty” did for Parallel Universes. Coming on the success of Adult Swim’s hit animated series “Rick & Morty,” Justin Roiland (the co-creator and star) has crafted another project, this one on Hulu…. Read More ›

The Willoughbys

A black comedy with energy and messages for kids and adults The worst movies about kids getting rid of their parents both came out in 1994. Rob Reiner’s “North” was a mean-spirited and offensive hunk of garbage with the 12-year-old… Read More ›

Trolls: World Tour

This animated sequel removes its split ends, and makes a much better hairstyle. I don’t know what kind of good luck charm I have, because so far this year, sequels to movies I disliked have improved themselves quite considerably. I’m… Read More ›


Far from a Pixar classic, but Holland and Pratt have their own magic. Disney and Pixar’s latest entry “Onward” has a similar vein as “Zootopia,” because it takes place in a parallel universe where goblins, elves, sprites, trolls, and mermaids… Read More ›

Sonic the Hedgehog

  Forget the formulaic road trip cliches, the redesign is fun and Jim Carrey is comical. Video game movies have a difficult time being accepted by film critics, because of their choices of violence and joyriding. We’ve had dreadful examples… Read More ›

Spies in Disguise

Will Smith flies like an eagle with positive messages and good energy. I can’t guarantee a straight forward answer, but I’m pretty sure there is a difference between Will Smith’s recent family films and his recent action flicks. The action… Read More ›


Santa’s origin story is something for both kids and adults. I apologize for my late review of “Klaus.” Things have been tight with the mainstream movies and holidays, but I’ve managed to finally find the opportunity to see it on… Read More ›

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