I Still Believe

This Christian drama has heart, but not enough faith. I don’t attend much Christian dramas, because of they lately present themselves with their bad acting, negative writing, and silly filmmaking. I believe in God, bare in mind, but I also… Read More ›

Ordinary Love

Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville both win us over. At the “Ordinary Love” screening I attended, Liam Neeson jokingly mentioned how he was promised to punch a villain in the face, given the fact that he’s also an action star…. Read More ›


Eliane Benes and Ron Burgundy slip on the ice in this boring remake. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell are two of the best comedy talents in the entertainment world, but in “Downhill,” they can’t seem to survive the recycled screenplay… Read More ›

The Photograph

The past and present show no red eyes in their images, and that’s fine by me. “The Photograph” is a romance drama that isn’t just about the relationship between two strangers; it’s also about the past of one off their… Read More ›

Olympic Dreams

Kroll and Pappas go down slippery slopes in this affectionate comedy. I attended a special screening of “Olympic Dreams,” and met the collaborators of it: director Jeremy Teicher, and writers/stars Nick Kroll and Alexi Pappas. I asked them about whether… Read More ›

Punch Drunk Love

Let’s see Adam Sandler as an actor, and not a puppet. With Adam Sandler’s latest dramatic turn in “Uncut Gems” out in theaters soon, I wanted to look back at his 2002 artisan film “Punch Drunk Love.” Yes, he’s had… Read More ›

Queen & Slim

A sensational Bonnie and Clyde opus made to battle modern day racism. There’s an African-American spin on the Bonnie and Clyde and “Thelma and Louise” renegades in “Queen & Slim,” a movie that continues to battle racism in the Trump… Read More ›


This gripping drama leaves us grieving for this family. “Waves” is a family drama divided in two sides. The first half focuses on the main son, while the second half is on the daughter, and both sides are emotionally heartbreaking…. Read More ›

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