The Lovers

“The Lovers” is a well-acted, sexy, and riveting portrayal of couples going through tough times in their marriage, and how they can balance their romances between each other and their lovers. You’re just sitting there guessing on their outcomes, and… Read More ›

Paris Can Wait

“Paris Can Wait” may have the number one priority of arriving straight to Paris, France, but it is never in the least stressful. In fact, it basically becomes a private tour of France, complete with food, paintings, monuments, and buildings…. Read More ›

A United Kingdom

I liked both movies, but I felt “A United Kingdom” was more challenging than “Loving.” Both these movies involve mixed marriages at the worst possible time periods. This one, set in 1947, involves the first Botswana President and a white… Read More ›

La La Land

The only problem you might find while watching “La La Land” is a dancing person sitting right next to you. I was doing my best to tap and move my hands without disturbing the audience. Why was I tapping? Because… Read More ›


The world is filled with homophobia, and “Moonlight” deals with the bullying, shyness, and struggles of that issue. Told from an African-American perspective, the movie leaves you feeling emotional about the main character and the types of people he deals… Read More ›

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