Some Like it Hot (1959)


“White Chicks” was an awful comedy, which, to me, takes place in a parallel world, where every character is so stupid that not even dead giveaways can prove Shawn and Marlon Wayans were really guys, not white girls.

“Some Like it Hot” is the exact opposite of that, as Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon manage to pull off their feminine disguises without a single dead giveaway. It’s a 1959 comedy with a fresh premise, wonderful performances, and memorable dialogue (“Well, nobody’s perfect”). If you haven’t seen this movie, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The movie is set in 1929 during the Prohibition Era. Joe (Curtis) and Jerry (Lemmon) are two friends and musicians, who are looking for a gig in order to survive the cold winter.  Inspired by the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, they witness the mobster Spats (George Raft) murdering an informant (George E. Stone), and they must leave Chicago by dressing up as female musicians for a gig in Florida. Joe is now known as Josephine and Jerry is known as Daphne.

Among the girls in the band, the one that sticks out is the young and beautiful Candy (Marilyn Monroe), who wants to marry a rich guy with a yacht. She is easily convinced Joe and Jerry as women; and then Joe dresses up like a Shell Oil heir in order to sweep her off her feet. Jerry, on the other hand, ends up becoming the love target of an older billionaire (Joe E. Brown).

“Written, produced, and directed by Billy Wilder, “Some Like it Hot” is smart, funny, gorgeous, and well-acted on all accounts. Curtis and Lemmon make a great team, Monroe is passionate, and Brown gives a fresh, clean performance. You also get thrills when the gangsters arrive in Florida, music with some help by Monroe, and a closing you just love to see.


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