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I just found out that Cinemascore awarded “mother!” an “F” rating, so I guess I’m not the only jerk to give it a mixed review. The same website awarded “American Assassin” a “B+,” but I didn’t know think it was that good.

In fact, it’s basic action movie stuff: terrorist, strict trainers, pain-in-the-ass C.I.A. Deputy Directors, blank supporting characters, bullets, and torture (my least favorite involves fingernails)

The movie starts with Mitch (Dylan O’Brien) popping the question to his girlfriend at a beach resort in Spain. All is right with the world, until terrorists start blasting and murder his love in the process. Now, Mitch hunts terrorists on his own, while the C.I.A. bugs him.

Among the cast, Sanaa Lathan plays the Deputy Director, who sends him to a training facility; Michael Keaton is the ex-Navy SEAL, who runs the facility and gives Mitch the same “Never let it get personal” crap; and Taylor Kitsch is the best as ex-Navy SEAL turned terrorist, who has stolen a nuclear device.

There are times when I did like “American Assassin,” but they were mostly in the beginning. I was able to process the main character’s intentions and I admired the fact that there’s an American traitor in the game.

But as the reel kept running, I’ve realized: this is routine stuff with very little surprises. The C.I.A. characters get on my nerves, the villain has a pathetic reason for revenge, and I ended up texting my review in the theater hallways.


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