Given this is a well-acted drama about a real-life African American attorney, “Marshall” is solid entertainment.

Chadwick Boseman stars as Thurgood Marshall, an African-American attorney, whose goal is to represent defendants, wrongfully accused of crimes, because of the color of their skins. This was before he became the African-American judge on the Supreme Court. His latest client is Joseph Spell (Sterling K. Brown), who is accused of raping and trying to kill a white woman (Kate Hudson).

Josh Gad plays an insurance lawyer named Sam Friedman, who is force to take the case with Marshall. The judge (James Cromwell) orders Marshall not to speak in his court, but wrote down his statements and have Sam do all the talking. That is if the plaintiff’s attorney (Dan Stevens) doesn’t get to them.

There are moments and yelling that get to me (even if I know this is how things were back then), and it does not exceed the pure dangers of another African-American drama from last summer called “Detroit.”

Still, “Marshall,” directed by Reginald Hudlin, has a lot of griping and funny moments. You also get fine performances from Boseman, Gad, Hudson, Stevens, Brown, and Cromwell. How will the Oscar season take it? That’s hard to say, but this should hold your attention span.


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