The Mountain Between Us

“The Mountain Between Us.”

Apparently, there’s nothing between us.

This was advertised to look like a riveting adventure movie about two people stranded on a mountain and fighting for survival to get down. It promises that premise, but the ways it deals with that is either predictable, boring, or during the last half hour, just plain lousy.

The movie stars Idris Elba and Kate Winslett as Ben and Alex, two strangers, whose flights have been cancelled in Idaho, due to a snow storm. Alex is a journalist, who is set to marry Mark (Dermot Mulroney), and Ben is a doctor, who has to tend to a young patient.

Then Alex finds a charter plane, flown by Walter (Beau Bridges), who suffers from a stroke while up in the air. That’s why they crash in the mountains, and that reason made some people laugh in the audience (at least that’s what I think).

They wait for days: Ben suggests they stay and wait for planes to help, but Alex suggests they go now, because no one is coming. They walk down the mountain for days, with the dead pilot’s dog, snow and ice for liquid (that’s what I sometimes do when I ski), and then they find an abandoned cabin. That’s where their ridiculous love scene occurs.

Elba and Winslet give good performances, but if you ask me: the best Kate Winselt survival love story I saw was “Titanic,” not “The Mountain Between Us.” Apparently, the movie was somehow supposed to be funny. At least I think so, because I saw it with an audience of a lot of young viewers. All of them were laughing, and treated the mushy stuff like some kind of a generic Nicholas Sparks movie. Luckily, this wasn’t based on a book by him, instead it was by Charles Martin. But who cares? The movie loses all the adventure and danger.

Why couldn’t they at least have two friends (doesn’t matter what sex), or at least have Winselt covering a report somewhere, and leave out the wedding? That way, we won’t have to suffer through the end.


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