There’s an inspiring message inside “Breathe” that should be delivered to any disabled person in the world. You can go on living if you really believe in yourself.

“Breathe,” directed by Andy Serkis, not only has that message, but it also tells the story of how special wheelchairs were able to let people stricken with polio breathe. It’s all because of Robin Cavendish, who suffered from it at the age of 28, nearly gave up on life, and yet, managed to keep on living until his death at 64. His son Jonathan is the producer of this film, and he honors his father’s story with the kind of heart it needs.

Andrew Garfield is given a challenging role as Jonathan, who fell in love with Diana (Claire Foy from TV’s “The Crown”), had a son (remember: that’s Jonathan), and ends up suffering with a breathing device.

His wife refuses to let him die in bed, but he also doesn’t want to be trapped in bed. So, they come up with a difficult, yet brilliant plan to travel with such a device in a wheelchair. Every idea of his is risky, but he keeps on going.

There are some difficult moments that might leave some viewers uncomfortable, like the side effects of having those tubes in his throat. I know because I’ve heard some groans in the audience.

Still, “Breathe” keeps on going, and it’s nice to know a producer would tell the inspiring story of his own father. Garfield and Foy are given many challenges, and are both able to survive. Again, this movie should help disabled people prove they can live life to the fullest, not matter what conditions they are in.


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