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Just last week, Miles Teller starred in the heroic drama “Only the Brave,” which apparently didn’t perform well at the box office. It was beaten by crappy films like “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” and “Geostorm,” both of which I’ve skipped. I honestly thought that with an all-star cast, and a true story about the firefighters who gave their lives to battle a deadly forest fire, it would grab people’s attention. I just don’t know anymore.

This week, Teller stars in the war drama “Thank You For Your Service,” which is directed by Jason Hall, who wrote and produced the gripping “American Sniper.” I’m not sure how much money it will make given “Jigsaw’s” release, and I’m skipping that, but given all the true and provocative PTSD behavior and emotions, you should totally give “Thank You For Your Service” a go-go.

Based on a true story, Teller explodes as Sergeant Adam Schumann, who comes home from Iraq to his wife (Haley Bennett) and kids, and finds himself in a great deal of trouble. While serving there, he rescues another soldier named Emery (Scott Haze), who has been shot in the head, and accidentally drops him down the stairs. He still survives, but that’s not the whole story of why Schumann feels ripped apart.

And the other main soldier is Tausolo (Beulah Koale from TV’s “Hawaii Five-0”), an American Samoan soldier, who feels better in the war than he does at home. Almost every time, Schumann makes an appointment to talk to a professional about his problems, he lets Tausolo take his place.

I didn’t always understand everything in “Thank You For Your Service,” but I managed to pick up the pace. This war drama grabs your emotions, and rips you apart, because it makes you feel bad about soldiers who suffer from PTSD. It wants you to know how they feel, and whether you serve(d) in the army or not, you’ll never know their true pain.

Teller and Tausolo are both perfectly cast as those soldiers, and no matter who’s on the poster, it’s not just about him; it’s about both.


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