What you want out of a good murder mystery is the key elements you need to help solve it-the characters, the items, and the explanation of their whereabouts at the time of the murder. “Gemini” offers those elements with a twist at the end, and while certain things may throw you off a bit, you’re still enjoying the outcome.

The movie stars Lola Kirke as Jill, the personal assistant and friend to troubled superstar Heather Anderson (Zoe Kravitz), who feels unsafe, after hearing some angry people say they’ll kill her. She wants to take a break from acting, and she is facing some controversy that these two girls are having an affair. She’s actually seeing someone else.

Back to the “killing” part, she asks Jill to let her borrow her gun-the gun she got from a movie set for protection-and when she comes home from a conference, she finds Heather murdered. The fact that Jill owns the gun and she accidentally shoots a valuable coin collection before the murder took place makes the police (with John Cho as the detective in charge of the case) view her as a suspect. Now, she must dye her hair blonde and goes on the run, hoping to find the actual murderer.

Written, edited, and directed by Aaron Katz (“Land Ho!”), “Gemini” shows us a Hollywood murder mystery in the form of a troubled actress and her more mature assistant. You have crazy fans, paparazzis, and anger from studio executives, all merging in with the mystery. Kirke is electrifying with her questions and strong will; Kravitz offers nice qualities with her dialogue, taste, and hair styles; and Cho has a nice supporting role as the main detective.

I also enjoyed the film for its art direction. The movie opens at night with tall palm trees looking down on the houses, while the camera tilts down. There’s also a motorcycle ride down the LA streets, actually it’s a would-be police pursuit. And both these scenes have such beautiful lighting, especially at the night clubs the main girls attend. Colorful stuff.

There are times that may confuse you, and I felt there are some things that needed to be more clear. Most of this takes place during the execution, and if I could, I’d explain to you. But that would be a spoiler alert, which means you wouldn’t want to see “Gemini.” I think you should see this movie. Sure, no ads, no Marvel legends, but this Indie has fine acting, radiant images, and thrills all around.

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