I Feel Pretty

As far as I know, people have a mixed reaction towards Amy Schumer. Some like her, others hate her, and some think she needs the right stuff to be talented.

When her last comedy “Snatched” came out last year, a friend of mine gave it a 0-star rating, saying: “I don’t think she’s even funny.” The movie, to me, was okay with some funny moments, and I think, with the right stuff, Schumer does have talent. I liked her in “Trainwreck,” and I liked her supporting role in the drama “Thank You For Your Service.”

Now this year, she stars in “I Feel Pretty,” a fish-out-of-water story, as a chubby and timid New Yorker named Renee, who makes a wish at a fountain to become beautiful, and her wish seemingly comes true after a spin bike accident. Only she sees herself as a vibrant and confident woman, while everyone else, including the audience, see her as just the same.

She tries to change her friends’ (Aidy Bryant and Busy Phillips) perspectives on the dating game; hooks up with a guy (Rory Scovel) who is skeptical of her at first; and earns a secretary position for the cosmetics company she works for. Her boss (Michelle Williams) is both pretty and a bit high pitched in voice, and both she and her grandmother (Lauren Hutton) become impressed by Renee’s new idea in how they should treat their products.

“I Feel Pretty” is no masterpiece, because of how some self-confidence scenes become a bit too much, and how predictable and ongoing its turning point is. But for my two cents, I have seen much worse chick flicks than this one. I wasn’t sure if I would like this movie, but it’s actually cute and funny. It’s not mean-spirited or humiliating, unlike some chick flicks (“The Other Woman” or “The Boss”), and its PG-13 rating keeps its tone steady.

Again, I like Schumer for some of her movies, as long as she has the right material, and she plays it right here, too. I personally prefer her over Kate McKinnon, but I’m not talking about her yet. Williams is cute and better than I expected as the boss; I was worried she would be a typical mean one. And Scovel adds a nice touch as the heroine’s boyfriend. He’s awkward around her at first, but then he becomes surprised by her self-confidence.

My mother was hoping this was good, and I was worried I would crush her spirits if it wasn’t. But because of its heart and humor, I didn’t crush her spirits. This is a good, if not perfect, chick flick.


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