Uncle Drew

I’ve sat through a number of bad comedies like “Daddy’s Home” or “Ride Along 2,” and I can honestly say: they don’t even try to be funny. But every once in a while a stupid funny comedy amazes you with its sense of humor, and how flexible it is with its characters.

I’m going one on one with “Uncle Drew,” a stupid funny basketball comedy, which turns a variety of basketball stars from Kyrie Irving to Shaquille O’Neal into old men. You get hilarious make-up and costumes, and their dialogue is just nuts.

The movie stars Lil Rel Howery (from last year’s “Get Out”) as Dax, a coach, Foot Locker employee, and would-be basketball star, who loses his dream, his team, and his spoiled girlfriend (Tiffany Haddish) to his rival Mookie (Nick Kroll). There is a comical scene when he tries to get the expensive shoes he paid for off his now ex-players, and that goes viral.

Being that he already paid to be part of a Harlem tournament, he enlists the help of an old player named Uncle Drew (Irving reprising his Pepsi commercial role). His condition that he uses his team, including the reverend Preacher (Chris Webber), the martial arts instructor Big Fella (Shaq), the blind Lights (Reggie Miller), and the disabled Boots (Nate Robinson).

The movie stars off hilarious with Dax dealing with his rivals, and Uncle Drew’s old school style. I was laughing my a** off for nearly a half an hour, and I continued to find some tickles here and there. Howery and Irving have chemistry, whether or not we agree with their generation styles

And you get a number of crazy scenes from a baptism to a dance club to the final battle. Even if we get silly make-up, you’re still eating up the pure craziness.

The centerpiece did lose my interests with our heroes winning and earning themselves in the finals. This part is not as funny as the first act, but it does have heart as we see why Uncle Drew’s team broke up, mostly pertaining to Drew and Big Fella, involving the woman they loved.

And finally, it picks up in the third act, when we see them play in the final battle, and here and there, we get some tickles, mostly because of Howery and Kroll’s rivalry, and Shaq’s silly humor.

The point I’m conveying is: the first part is outrageous, the middle lags a bit, and the third keeps you motivated. This is no comedic masterpiece, but there are a lot of hilarious moments that I think you should totally see.


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