I don’t believe I’ve seen an awful movie about cloning since “Morgan.” “Replicas” is the next stinker on that subject, and you can tell the movie is bad when you hear atrocious acting, poor writing, and cheesy effects. It’s only January. That means I have only 11 months to figure out whether or not this will make my annual Worst of the Year list.

Kenau Reeves plays Will Foster, a scientist and family man, who’s in the process of developing clones. They’re actually dead people’s minds transferred into androids. The experiments are failures, and to us, the audience, they look cheap. And we have to hear his boss (John Ortiz) nag to him about their company getting shut down.

En route for a family vacation, his family (Alice Eve as his wife Mona, and Emily Alyn Lind, Emjay Anthony, and Aria Leabu as their kids) gets killed in a car accident, which looks outrageously bad. So, he calls his lab partner and friend Ed (Thomas Middleditch) to help him resurrect his family through their cloning experiment. Ed knows something will go wrong, but Will has to do it anyway.

They only have 3 pods to pull off the cloning, so Will is forced to not resurrect his youngest daughter Zoe (Leabu). Ergo, he must erase his remaining family’s memories of her. All of what he’s doing is illegal. And when his family’s friends leave them a number of texts and missed calls, he has to lie to them saying he and Mona are homeschooling their kids, and they’re grounded (typical crap).

The experiment becomes a success, and he reunites with the three of them. But Mona starts to suspect what she really is. She even has to learn about the youngest daughter he erased. And what wouldn’t be a cloning movie without the company finding out?

What prevents “Replicas” from getting a Poison for the Mind (0/4) review are some of the gadgets the scientists use, mostly the head gear. They look cool, but a Sci-Fi movie has to rely on much more than that. Much more than that. Everything about this movie is horrible-the acting, the characters, the script. In fact, I nearly laughed at one scene.

Reeves is a fine actor, and he was able to redeem himself with the “John Wick” movies; but as the producer and star, he really has tainted himself with this one. Eve has to talk like she’s in a bad SNL skit, Middleditch hams it up, and Ortiz is egotistically wasted. All these fine talents are wasted. 

Again, this is one of the year’s worst movies, and it’s only January.


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