Cosmic Sin

Willis and Grillo star in this intergalactic waste of space.

Bruce Willis and Frank Grillo are two of the best action stars in the entertainment world, but what the Hell were they thinking when they agreed to be a part of “Cosmic Sin?” It’s a stupid, lackluster, and insipid Sci-Fi movie that rips off “Alien,” “Independence Day,” “Blade Runner,” and many, many other Sci-Fi movies, both good and bad.

The movie takes place in the year 2524, centuries after the first colonization of many planets and after technology has advanced a quantum leap at a time. Blah, blah, blah. Like we haven’t seen those things before.

They’re not alone out there, of course, because an alien race takes control of a group of space soldiers, and when they do emerge and evolve, they look like zombies who are about to dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” It’s a sin for the cosmos to wipe out a civilization, they say, but that doesn’t stop these aliens does it? No. That’s why the movie is titled “Cosmic Sin,” and why the fight is called “Operation: Cosmic Sin.” I think making this movie is a sin.

Willis is the former General James Ford and Grillo is the current General Ryle, both of whom are called into action to battle the aliens and prevent this interstellar war from happening. The older one wants the younger one (the actors are 10 years apart by the way) to give him back his dignity and valor. Why? I couldn’t follow, because I didn’t care to. And the other soldiers are just as badly acted as its story, dialogue, and special effects. In fact, there’s not chemistry in anyone, and you care about no-one.

I’ve seen two Sci-Fi animated movies that bombed at the box office, but took great risks in their animation and visual worlds. They would happen to be “Titan A.E.” and “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,” and they were both fun, smart, dazzling, and well-voiced compared to this pathetic and obvious mess. You can already tell “Cosmic Sin” would be a disaster by its poster and trailer, and I’ve only seen the poster.

The only times I’m not irritated or bored are when I see the blue and red lighting of the space suits, which look fake, and the rooms, which look boring. Those colors are first-rate, and look more exhilarating than anything else going on in the movie. The sets look like they were filmed in a storage warehouse, the actors are just flying though space in their suits and landing on planets, where they come across more people, and then everything runs out of oxygen. Maybe I’m being too kind. It already ran out of oxygen even before it began.

Last week, I’ve enjoyed Grillo in the time warp action thriller “Boss Level,” and Willis has made some entertaining Sci-Fi movies in the past like “The Fifth Element,” “Armageddon,” “12 Monkeys,” and “Looper.” As your film critic, I suggest you see those entries, instead of this borefest. At least it’s not the first Sci-Fi movie to bomb so hard.

Rating: 1 out of 4.

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