Moonage Daydream

A psychedelic trip for David Bowie fans.

“Ground Control to Major Tom. Ground Control to Major Tom.”

“Moonage Daydream” is a documentary that represents the wildly inventive, strange? And dazzling mind of the late, great musician David Bowie. It shows us what went on in his mind, whether or not we could truly understand him, and how he shared his passion for the arts.

Seeing it in IMAX at the 9:30 PM show on Monday shows us a near similarity to being at an actual concert. The surround sounds capture the loud beats of Bowie’s most remarkable music. You might want to wear earplugs, because it can be pretty loud at times, but you also want to see how filmmaker Brett Morgen brings it all together-Bowie’s narration, the colorful editing-and I mean it’s really colorful-and the music that came from his mind.

Let’s start with the colorful images.

The best, to me, is when David Bowie wears his famous “Life on Mars” suit, which is my favorite color aqua. Seeing him wear it in a white background couldn’t be more exhilarating.

Other memorable shots also include Bowie walking into a green hallway and then inside an orange-red elevator, and Bowie’s red hair really shines with the right lighting and photography. And every once in a while, we see vintage-looking stars in space, which is all black and white. I love looking at those old shots.

And every time we take a break from the interviews, we get music videos of some of his most iconic songs. Some I’ve heard and enjoyed, others I’m hearing for the first time. I usually learn songs through movies, and this is a “Starman” of a movie.

Now, let’s talk about his vision.

“Moonage Daydream” is a psychedelic trip that couldn’t be more poetic or passionate about the late, great singer. To truly understand Bowie is to go inside his mind, and acknowledge what he has to offer in music, movies (“Labyrinth,” “The Last Temptation of Christ,” etc.), and paintings. This man was an artist in every way possible. He couldn’t care less about how society viewed him for the way he dresses and how bizarre his tastes are; but rather about how he wants to bring his ideas to life.

Morgen captures Bowie’s life about how he came to be and how he transcended from one form of entertainment to the next.

They don’t talk about this song in the movie, but I wanted to share with you my ideas on “Queen Bitch.” I know it’s a song about male lovers looking for drag queens, but I think it should also be a theme song for the Red Queen in “Alice in Wonderland.” You know why I would use that theme song, even though the word “bitch” isn’t in the lyrics?

Read between the lines.

Getting back to reality, “Moonage Daydream” is a movie that loves reality and fantasy, brought to life by David Bowie, and filmmaker Brett Morgen. if you ate some magic mushrooms, then you’re really in for a “Space Oddity.”

Rating: 3.5 out of 4.

In IMAX Locations this Thursday

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