Little Richard: I Am Everything

Good Golly Miss Molly, this doc delivers.

When thinking of the late Richard Penniman, or better known as Little Richard, and his music and legacy, you must acknowledge that even he was a person of circumstances. A person with a transitioning life

This documentary, known as “Little Richard: I Am Everything,” shows us his life and times-good, bad, and inspiring. He dressed in drag as Princess LaVonne, dealt with his queerness, found religion, and sang his heart with as much movements as he could possibly give. Despite his challenges of being gay and black in certain time periods, he became a rock icon-the “Architect of Rock and Roll” as they would describe him.

This doc drags at times with its repeats on his troubles, but we’re still able to acknowledge them, and realize that Little Richard was a human being. It sounds repetitive that I would mention a celebrity is a human being, too, but it’s the truth.

It was directed by Lisa Cortes, who also made “All In: The Fight for Democracy.” While that fought against voter suppression, this one fights for keeping this singer’s spirits alive. It doesn’t just focus on his songs (“Long Tail Sally” and “Tutti Frutti,” among others will live on); but also for the time he was in. And his interests and race are why his humble beginnings were challenging for him.

We also get insightful interviews from the likes of Tom Jones, John Waters (who grew the mustache in his honor), and Paul McCartney, among others, and we get vital information about the singer’s highs and lows. A lot of them would be more insightful than I would because I’ve never met him, but they couldn’t be more passionate about him.

Losing him in 2020 has broken the hearts of millions, but his music and spirit will live on. This doc knows that very well, and so do we. I’m glad I’ve learned his name on a guest appearance on “Full House” and heard “Long Tail Sally,” while he was still alive. I don’t have much more to say, except this is something for music fans who know good music when they hear it.

Rating: 3 out of 4.

In Select Theaters Tomorrow

Streaming on VOD April 21

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