“You’ll float too,” when you read my review of “It.” I’ve never watched the full mini-series of “It,” based on Stephen King’s novel, but I have checked out the scenes with Tim Curry as Pennywise the demon clown, and thought… Read More ›


Director Tobe Hooper has sadly passed away. This is my review of his movie “Poltergeist,” which I wrote on my old website in 2015. Here’s the opening to “Poltergeist”: a little girl named Carol Anne (Heather O’Rourke) wakes up at… Read More ›

It Comes at Night

“It Comes at Night” is a horror movie that doesn’t rely on jumpscares to tell a story. Its timing and vulnerability is equal to “Get Out” or “Split,” both made as mass market films. The one issue, and I’m sure… Read More ›

Alien: Covenant

In my review of last March’s alien bomb “Life,” I predicted Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant” would be more entertaining, and I was right. In fact, it’s more entertaining than Scott’s predecessor “Prometheus.” This sequel of the prequel to the “Alien”… Read More ›


The man who gave me my ticket for “Life” said: “I didn’t even know this just came out.” I told him: I think the filmmakers wanted to avoid competition with “Alien Covenant” in May. So I guess you could call… Read More ›

Get Out

Looking for the right kind of horror and mystery, which is often boring or tainted these days, you sit through “Get Out,” wondering at the beginning what is the point of it all. But then, as you keep on going,… Read More ›

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