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From what I hear, “Logan” is the final movie in which Hugh Jackman will reprise his “X-Men” role of Wolverine. Logan is his real name, and I guess the title will set you with the right motions. It’s also rated-R. I guess it is a way on cashing in the high success of last year’s R-rated Marvel hit “Deadpool,” which broke box office records, and made almost everyone laugh their asses off. “Almost,” because I wasn’t really a fan of it, although, I wouldn’t mind a sequel or cameo at all.

“Logan” is the perfect R-rated portrayal of the metal-clawed mutant-not just because of the violence, but also because of the pain, drama, and reasoning. This is not only the best stand alone Wolverine movie I’ve seen, but it’s also one of the best “X-Men” movies, period.

Set in 2029, Logan has been poisoned, and is now aging; Charles Xaxier (Patrick Stewart, also claiming to play him for the last time) suffers from the worst kind of seizure, one that killed most of the mutants; an evil company has breed children with mutant DNA samples, and one of the escapees is Laura (newcomer Dafne Keen), who has claws, just like Logan.

You can pretty much tell the movie will be sad and violent, and it is at times. It’s the kind of conclusion I’ve been waiting for. Call me a sissy, but I loved it more than “Deadpool,” because it takes its time for me to get to know Wolverine, Xavier, and Laura, and as violent as it gets, it’s never goes wall-to-wall. Jackman and Stewart close their characters very well; Keen is a bright young newcomer; and you also receive some support from Boyd Holbrook as a head of security with a robotic hand, Richard E. Grant as the surgical head of the evil company, and Stephen Merchant as a light-sensitive mutant.

The special effects are well done, the jokes are funny, and its narrative has the kind of futuristic western feel. Again, the movie is rated R, so prepare for the violence and cursing. Writer/director James Mangold (who also made “The Wolverine” from 2013) has outdone himself with this Marvel movie.


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