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Last year, I voted “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” the worst superhero movie of the year. One of my many reasons is that I was not all that impressed with Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman intro. I felt her story was told in a lazy way; so lazy I just didn’t give a hoot when she came into battle with Batman and Superman.

This year, Gadot reprises her role in “Wonder Woman,” and I must say: it’s entertaining-the exact opposite of “BvS.” Well, almost exact, because I didn’t always get with the story. Still, it has a lot of laughs, a lot of action, and a lot of emotions to keep a D.C. fan entertained.

The story takes place on a mysterious island, full of only women known as Amazons, and protected by Zeus, in hopes that Ares, the God of War, will not find them. Diana (Wonder Woman’s birth name) is the daughter of their leader Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), who wants to fight her mother’s best warriors, but she refuses to let her. Then, after secretly training with her aunt Antiope (Robin Wright), she decides to have her train Diana hard, and that’s when she discovers her strength.

This also takes place during WWI, when a young pilot named Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash lands on their island, after stealing German secrets. These secrets involve a German general (Danny Huston) and his scientist Doctor Poison (Elena Anaya from “The Skin I Live In”), who are both developing a gas so poisonous, not even a gas mask can save you. So, Diana, hoping it’s her chance to kill Ares and end the war, joins Steve, and her fighting skills, thanks to her suit and armor, impresses him.

Did everything in “Wonder Woman” stay with me?  No. But her story and persona is given more due than “BvS.” It’s also understandable, hilarious, and emotional in the ways she adapts to society, believes in peace and love, and makes Steve struggle to prevent any innuendos. Gadot keeps you glued to the screen with her acting and vulernabilty, and Pine packs in the laughs and charms. Director Patty Jenkins (“Monster”) tells a much better Wonder Woman story than Zack Synder did, even though he serves as a producer.


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