Atomic Blonde

Coldest City, The

“Atomic Blonde” is an R-rated action movie, which cracks skulls and keeps you in your seat. Almost every scene features Charlize Theron playing the female “John Wick,” as she beats the sh*t out of the bad guys. Fresh fight moments include German cinemas, George Michael’s “Father Figure” playing, long hoses, and a stairway sequence, which looks like it only took one camera shot, and ends with a car chase. I’m just glad I choose this over “The Emoji Movie.”

The movie takes place in 1989, when the. Berlin Wall would fall. Theron stars as Lorraine Broughton, an MI6 spy, who is sent on a mission to Berlin to find the man (Roland Moller) who wants a list of double agents, and that same man killed her partner and lover James (stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave).

The cast also includes James McAvoy as Lorraine’s drinking and hard rock listening contact David; Sofia Boutella as an undercover French agent, who makes “contact” with her; John Goodman as a CIA agent; Eddie Marsan as an MI6 ally, who memorizes the list for his family’s safety; and Toby Jones as her superior.

Usually when American or British movies take place in Germany or Russia, there’s a certain kind of vibe that makes the movie attractive. That’s no exception with “Atomic Blonde.” I loved the colorful lights in the clubs, hotels, and bathtub of ice. Pink, green, yellow, and blue, among others, all give the scenes such a radiant reflection.

Based on the graphic novel series “The Coldest City” and directed by David Leitch, the movie is mindless fun with its fights, Lesbian sex, classic ’80s music (with hits by Queen, David Bowie, and The Clash), and someone (I can’t spoil who) setting the heroine up. Kudos to both Theron and McAvoy for their characters and vulnerability. There are moments that left me drifting off, but the movie still left me feeling bruised.


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