Wind River

Three years in a row, Taylor Sheridan has written such excellent screenplays for “Sicario,” “Hell or High Water,” and now this year, he has both written and directed “Wind River.” It’s not only a gorgeous picture, but also an intriguing one at best.

The story takes place in Wind River, Wyoming, where a teenage girl named Natalie (Kelsey Asbille) escapes from a rapist, and ends up freezing to death, while trying to run 6 miles for sanctuary. The opening is riveting, and when you get to the truth, you’ll really be hooked.

Jeremy Renner stars as Cory, a professional hunter, who finds her frozen carcass, while being reminded of how his daughter died. He teams up with an FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) and the local sheriff (Graham Greene) on the investigation, and promises the dead girl’s father (Gil Birmingham) that he will catch the rapist.

I love the snowy setting of “Wind River,” because of how thrilling and chilling the movie tends to be. As a matter of fact, the characters have to explain how the characters freeze to death, even if almost all of us know how freezing-to-death works. It’s also great looking; it’s another movie this year to be great looking and feeling.

The performances from Renner, Olsen, Birmingham, and Greene are all fantastic; the last half hour will leave you glued in your seat; and Sheridan’s writing and direction brings it all together.

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