I saw “mother!” at special premiere at Radio City Music Hall, marking the first time I’ve been there (shocking you may think). Getting inside was crazy: lines, security, criticism (no outside food/beverages and feet off the seat). I was left in a tizzy, and I ended up feeling the same way while watching “mother!.”

Given the Oscar seasons have begun and polarized reactions have been given out towards this movie, I loved the performances and art direction. Director Darren Aronofsky (“Black Swan,” “Requiem for a Dream”) once again proves he is a filmmaker with the kind of art and visual style.

His girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence stars as young woman whose writer husband (Javier Bardem) has yet to come up with a brilliant masterpiece. He needs lots of time to think. Then out of the blue, a man claiming to be a doctor (Ed Harris) arrives and Bardem offers to let him stay for the night. Lawrence detests this, being that they don’t even know him, but the husband suggests helping people is good.

The next day, the doctor’s wife (Michelle Pfiefer) arrives, and again, Bardem offers to let her stay, too. And again, Lawrence is appalled by this.

More people show up, including two brothers (Domhnall and Brian Gleeson), one of them ends up murdered, and leaving a permanent bloodstain on the floor (nothing can cover it up).

And more people, and more people, and more people, including Kristen Wiig as Bardem’s publisher, and more people, and more people show up. Lawrence is trapped in a living Hell.

“mother!” has great performances from Lawrence and Bardem, and I love the dark and twisted direction done by Aronofsky. But the more people show up, the more tizzy I get. They’re often rude, vicious, and just plain crazy. I’m sure most or at least half of you would feel the same way. This is a well-acted but somewhat tiresome drama.


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  1. Wow, the entry to the premier sounds more interesting than the movie. Thanks for the review.

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