Kevin James is the only good thing about this home invasion bomb.

In Kevin James’ next movie “Becky,” he plays a goofball, who becomes a superhero, with diabetes as a weakness, and lots of CGI effects to make him fly and then fall flat on his face. I’m just kidding. I might as well since he was funny in “Hitch” and “King of Queens,” but lost his way with “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.” He actually plays a neo-Nazi named Dominick, who escapes from prison with some fellow haters and raises some Hell on a family staying at a cabin.

Actually, this isn’t a complete family yet. The title character Becky (Lulu Wilson) is an eeyore teenager, who lost her mother, and hates for father (Joel McHale) for moving on with another woman (Amanda Brugel) with a little boy (Isaiah Rockcliffe). Matter of fact, Becky leaves the dinner table, when she finds out he’s marrying her. Oh, like we haven’t seen that before. And what’s worse: it’s whining, generic, and dull.

The bad guys are looking for a key, which Becky has, and after Dominick murders her father, she stabs him in his left eye. It’s so strong, that he has to cut off his eyeball, and drop it in the sink. I’m not only repulsed, but I’m also saying: Really?” And she also stabs one of his henchmen (Ryan McDonald) in the throat with a sharp ruler. Let me stop my self right there. She’s got Nazis to kill in her own “Inglorious Basterds” meets “Home Alone” rip-off. And I don’t even think she’s heard about those movies.

James gives a solid performance as the head neo-Nazi, because of how he steps outside his comfort zone to take on a darker role. He looks fresh with the beard and tattoos, and offers some dangerous dialogue about fascism and Nazi brotherhood, but he’s not enough to save the show.

“Becky” is a complete mess of idiocy, gruesome violence, and constant whining. You can start with the father-daughter relationship, which has no heart like Bo Burnham’s “Eighth Grade,” and when their writing tries to get tender, a bullet has to go through the father’s head. And her would-be step-mother and step-brother are both lame and routine, despite the former criticizing the leader for his choices and actions.

Let me be there good critic and give you two alternatives. The fact that James is a Happy Madison Productions actor reminds me of how Adam Sandler was electrifying in “Uncut Gems,” and the fact that this horror movie (written by Nick Morris, and Lane and Ruckus Skye) plagiarizes “Home Alone” reminds me of how comical and smart “You’re Next” was. I suggest you see those movies, instead of this bloodbath of a picture.

Do yourself a favor and quit while you’re ahead.


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