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I don’t care for “Power Rangers.” I never grew up on the five colored ninja fighters once. But I had to take my friend, who is a massive fan, to the new movie. I’m doing him a favor by taking him to see it, and I’m doing you readers a favor by reviewing it. He also complains that the success of the live action “Beauty and the Beast,” which he chose not to see, will most likely beat “Power Rangers” at the box office. Maybe it will be a hit with kids and fans, but for me, it was too much.

The teens in the movie consist of Jason (Dacre Montgomery, looking almost like Zac Efron), the would-be football star under house arrest, Billy the autistic brainiac (RJ Cyler from “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”), Kimberly the recently rejected friend (Naomi Scott), Zack the thrill seeker (Ludi Lin), and Trini the new girl (rapper Becky G).

They find colorful coins, survive a car accident, and wake up with superpowers. They all end up in a cave, where they find a spaceship containing a robot named Alpha 5 (voiced by Bill Hader) and a handprint screen of Zordon (Bryan Cranston), who tells the teens they are Power Rangers. He, too, was once a Power Ranger, and so was Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), who plans to end the human race.

“Power Rangers” is basically candy for kids, because of all the action, special effects, and dialogue that goes wall-to-wall. It’s sugar overload for me, so I barely able to read all the characters, and the villain wasn’t very good. I’m not talking about her personality; I’m talking about her acting and looks. Banks is a fine actress, but not here. And I also felt Zordon was basically a second class trainer with his immediate doubts about the teens.

Some of the special effects are fine; like underwater passage ways, the kids jumping from cliff to cliff, and their Power Ranger costumes. I also liked Montgomery, Cyler, and Scott more than any other character in the movie. They’re likable and they have ambitions. And fans were excited to hear the “Power Rangers” theme song. My friend loved it, being that he is a fan, but I wasn’t all too thrilled with it.


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