Kingsman: The Golden Circle


It would be generic for me to deliver to you the aspects of sequels-wanted or unwanted-so, I’m not gonna say it.

I never wanted a sequel to “Horrible Bosses,” “Neighbors,” or “Daddy’s Home.” “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” however, is one of those movies that could have nice or decent sequels, but after I watched “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” I’ve realized: it’s a bloody mess.

Taron Egerton is likable once again as Eggsy, the young lad-turned-Kingsman, who has to save the world, when an evil drug lord named Poppy (Julianne Moore) poisons all the drug addicts, even ones who take prescribed medication, and destroys the Kingsman organization, leaving only Eggsy and Merlin (Mark Strong) alive.

Sounds like a decent premise sure, but the villainess is disastrous, compared to Samuel L. Jackson’s goofy fun villain. She has robot dogs, a grinder which turns (I won’t say what) into ground beef, and Elton John as her prisoner. He’s cool, essepcially with his colored feathered suit, but every scene with Moore is a mess.

Anyway, the two remaining Kingsman must travel to Kentucky, to seek help from their American cousins-located in a brewery-known as Statesman. They include Channing Tatum (with one nice shot and the rest in a fade of nothingness), Halle Berry (sometimes sounding like an android), Pedro Pascal (with a deadly high tech lasso), and Jeff Bridges (lacking the recent “Hell or High Water” spark). And they even saved Harry Hart (Colin Firth), who got shot in the eye, as you recall, and is suffering from amnesia, with butterflies flickering with his mind.

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” has the potential to be a good sequel, but it ends up tainting the pure magic of the first film. In fact, Harry’s famous “Manners Maketh Man” quote isn’t cool here. There’s also Eggy’s love story, which ends up being annoying, the butterflies, which grow tired, and again, the otherwise wonderful Moore somehow got on my nerves here.

Eggerton and John are both likable and there are sets I admired like flooded traps, the 1950’s buildings in the villainess’ lair (because she is a fan of the nostalgia) and the Statesman’s brewery. These look nice, but the fights are now CGI-overdosed, the body shredding and poisoning scenes are unwatchable. Even if director Matthew Vaughn aims the movie, he still made a mess.


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