Angel Has Fallen

This sequel gets a triple dose of headaches, action, and cliches.

First, Gerard Butler as Mike Banning had to save America in “Olympus Has Fallen,” next, he had to save London in “London Has Fallen,” and now he has to save himself and America, once again, in “Angel Has Fallen.”

As Tommy Lee Jones said in “The Fugitive,” “I don’t care.”

The last movie to rip off that 1993 classic was “Taken 3,” which was only noteworthy for Liam Neeson climbing over a fence with multiple shots, because of its campy editing. 4 years later, we have “Angel Has Fallen” copying that plot, and the results are tiresome, stressful, and routine.

Now that former VP Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) is the President, he’s willing to appoint Mike the new Director of the Secret Service. But given his insomnia, medication, and concussions, he’s unsure if he’s ready for that position.

On a fishing trip, drones threaten the President, and obliterate most of his men. Most of them, because Mike saves his skin.

However, given the fact that he’s and the currently comatose President are the only survivors, he’s charged with the attempted murder. Especially when his DNA is apparently in the van, which operated the drones, and money was transferred to him from a Russian account. That’s when the movie choses to be another “Fugitive” rip-off, and when Mike escapes from the feds to expose the real terrorist threat.

Unlike that movie, this sequel gives a spoiler alert that Mike’s older partner in the service (Danny Huston) is involved with his framing. And I already knew who the villain was based on the obvious situations. It’s always someone in the White House.

Meanwhile, while trying to clear his name, he’s given a generic subplot involving his estranged relationship with his hermit father (Nick Nolte), who left him and his mother due to his PTSD. And yet, at the same time, he has a lot of traps to fend off the bad guys.

The new cast also includes Piper Perabo replacing Radha Mitchell as Mike’s wife; Jada Pinkett Smith as the irritating FBI agent in leading the manhunt; and Tim Blake Nelson as the VP, who takes control of the Presidency, given Trumbull’s condition and the early stages of the next Cold War.

I admit the acting from Butler, Freeman, Huston, Perabo, Nelson, and Nolte are good, because of their attitudes and dialogue. They’re given their moments, but given the circumstances, I still think “Angel Has Fallen” has reached the end of its road.

The action and violence is wall-to-wall, leaving me bored and sometimes confused; the accusation words are always irritating to me; and despite what Butler said about wanting to do things differently, it still has to follow the action flick cliches. The hero has to precede over explosions, betrayals, and life choices, and we basically already know the outcome.

“Olympus Has Fallen” was likable, “London Has Fallen” was overdosed on carnage, and “Angel Has Fallen” is a formulaic threequel.


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