The Wrath of Becky

This sequel cuts back a little on the gore and more on the attitude and humor.

Becky (Lulu Wilson) has to arrive with a smile and her dog Diego to her new foster parents with Paul Mazursky names like Ted and Alice. She then narrates to the audience saying she’s trying to pull an act. She’s the 16-years-old runaway, who, we remember, fought and killed the invading Neo-Nazis in “Becky.” Now, comes the sequel “The Wrath of Becky.”

In my review of the first film, I closed it with “Do yourself a favor and quit while you’re ahead.” I was only a fan of Kevin James’ villain in that film, while I was disillusioned by its choice of violence and behaviors. But then again, I was also disillusioned by Ryan Reynold’s character in the first “Deadpool,” but then he made some considerable improvements in “Deadpool 2.” I can say the same for “The Wrath of Becky,” which now plays like a goofy R-rated action comedy, spiked with undertones of “Shoot ‘Em Up,” “Happy Death Day,” and maybe a little bit of “Home Alone,” if you count some of Becky’s traps.

She crashes with the old timer Elena, who tries to convince her to be grateful for being alive and for what she has. And while working at the local diner, she fantasizes about killing people who really grind her gears. But one day, it becomes a reality when she pours coffee on one of them for their gross dialogue.

But they turn out to be the wrong people for her to mess with.

They’re part of the extremist group known as “Noble Men.” They murder Elena and abduct Diego. That’s when Becky must get back to business and take those bad men out.

This sequel is less violent and more comical. I won’t spoil the best parts, but anything beats James getting stabbed in the eye and pulling it out or any of the gruesome traps in the “Saw” franchise. This isn’t torture porn; it’s R-rated action-horror material.

Seann William Scott plays an ex-army ranger and the leader of this group. I admire the way he keeps a straight face and uses his timing wisely. He doesn’t always have to play the Stifler act, and he’s proven that before, but he plays this villain as an extremist, which his character is.

Last month, I’ve enjoyed “Sisu” and “Renfield” for the way they chose their violence and humor, and they deserve more than what the box office has given them. They can be bloody crazy or consistently honest, which has us comparing them to lower forms of their kind.

“The Wrath of Becky” doesn’t have the kind of henchmen to outdo the Scott character, because of how their dialogue can be silly, but it does have the kind of personality in Wilson that I looked for and missed in the original. She does a good job at channeling similar vibes as Jessica Rothe in “Happy Death Day” or Samara Weaving in “Ready or Not.” She can play a teenager who knows how to kill her enemies, without relying on the big ad campaign to sell her movie. She really grows on you once you get to know her more. I’ve had the same reaction with the Deadpool character. Maybe she wants to be like him.

You know what? Maybe this sequel is supposed to be silly. And that’s probably a good thing.

Rating: 3 out of 4.

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