The Marvels

A not so Marvelous movie.

Director Nia DeCosta did an impressive job directing “Candyman” two years ago, because of how it presented the classic horror story in a timely manner. Her latest movie is a mixed bag with some good qualities, but annoying and routine situations. Even the comedy didn’t tickle me, and I don’t really like that alien cat.

I enjoyed the first “Captain Marvel” from 2019, because of its 90s nostalgia and for Larson’s entertaining performance. But even before I saw “The Marvels,” I wasn’t all that fascinated. Yes, you get three lively leads by Larson, Vellani, and Parris, as well as some surprise cameos and Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic” playing. But you also have the same story leading into another “Infinity War” and “Endgame” arc. This MCU isn’t really the way it used to be, in my opinion. “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3” pushed itself to new limits last May, but “The Marvels” sticks to the formulas.

I’m not giving this movie a negative review because I’m a male film critic, because I have praised female-led movies plenty of times before and will do. I even tried to persuade you readers to see “Joy Ride” last summer. I’m giving “The Marvels” a negative review, because it didn’t take me in the way the “Ms. Marvel” series did. It needs to be more patient, less gimmicky, more consistent, and less formulaic. Sorry, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Monica (remember: she doesn’t want a code name). Maybe next time.

Rating: 2 out of 4.

This article was written by me with full support of the SAG-AFTRA strike.

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