How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Humans and Dragons deliberate their future in excellent conclusion

The “How to Train Your Dragon” trilogy comes to a close with “The Hidden World.” The DreamWorks Animation franchise, if you recall, explained how humans and dragons went from enemies to friends, although there are those who think differently. As the story continues, writer/director Dean DeBlois manages to break form, by expressing the depth and emotion inside the humans and dragons, while animating them at the right level.

As the movie opens, Gobber (voiced by Craig Ferguson) and Astrid (voiced by America Ferrera) warn their new Chief of Berk Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) that their enemies are attacking their village, because of the countless dragons they rescue and protect.

Then, a ruthless dragon slayer named Grimmel (voiced by F. Murray Abraham) hears word that Hiccup’s dragon Toothless is a rare Night Fury, and plans to kill it. So, he begins to threaten Hiccup and his home. His deceased father (voiced by Gerard Butler) knew about a hidden dragon world, and he believes it could be the solution to all their problems.

The villain also has white Night Fury, which he uses for Toothless as bait. Ultimately, it captures his heart. Yup, it’s a girl, and given her special light abilities, we should call her a “Light Fury.” But the thing is: he can only get lucky with her when Hiccup isn’t around, so he has to go it alone. It doesn’t feature any animal love story cliches, especially if they don’t talk, and looking at these two together reminds me of a black and white cookie. This is arguably the most delightful part in the movie.

“The Hidden World” closes the franchise very well, mainly because of how cute and imaginative the Night Fury love story is, and because of how it deliberates about the future of humans and dragons. It gives us a straightforward answer, mainly about the value of friendship. And like “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” another recent animated sequel, I was moved by its decisions.

You also have some amazing voice work from Baruchel, Ferrera, Abraham, and Butler, among others, the animation is dazzling; and even though certain gags get tired, some of them are actually very funny. And once we find this hidden world, we, the audience, discover a vibrant of colors and lights, which make the movie look mesmerizing.

As usual, given the last 2 movies, kids will be entertained by the characters and action; older audiences will be marveled at the animation and emotions; and I, myself, was impressed by this conclusion.


Special 3PM Screenings Saturday February 2

Opens Everywhere February 22

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